I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking



Hartford, CT


high school

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts




Hallmark Institute of Photography

Portfolio Award of Excellence


Jess Reilly grew up in Northern Connecticut & Central Massachusetts among the land of strip malls and chain restaurants. Her first camera was a 4.1 megapixel digital point and shoot she'd steal from the drawer of her step-father's desk, willingly accepting the inevitable punishment that would come from not asking first. A rather bored child, she found solace in exploring what she could make look spectacular in a still photograph. A master of Photoshop at the age of 9, she quickly learned how to push the boundaries of digital possibility.

She drew the attention of NYC photographers during her portfolio review in college. She quickly left Massachusetts to join the sparkling sidewalks of Manhattan with little more than her prized Canon 5D Mark III and decade old iMac to her name. She quickly began working as the personal digital retoucher for internationally acclaimed photographers, magazines, and design houses. Soon after, she began working as both a lighting technician and lead photographer for agencies across the five boroughs.

Working in agencies exposed her to a different calling: Art direction. With skills garnered by education, experience, and industry street smarts, she decided her calling wasn't behind the lens- it was beside it.

Jess currently heads the creative departments at Big Voodoo Interactive- a digital advertising agency with a national client base located between both Boston and New York City. Since joining the company, she's taken over production operations, client management, creative development and plays a very diverse role. She's singlehandedly increased revenue by millions for both the firm and its clients. The firm is now an award-winning certified Google Premier Partner- an accolade only the top 3% of agencies can claim nationwide.